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As mentioned previously, webmails included with Plesk 10 were not to our liking, so when we switched from Plesk 9.5 Windows to Plesk 10.3, we decided to replace them with Roundcube. The problem was that users have missed some functionality available with MailEnable, but we were able to solve by developing plugins or drivers for existing plugins which we want to publish:

Function Description Download
Password change Driver for Password plugin, which lets users change mailbox password using the CLI utility mail, provided in Plesk 10.3. Link
Vacation message Driver for Vacation plugin, which lets users define an automatic reply to received emails, and optionally, forward emails to third parties, using the CLI utility autoresponder, provided in Plesk 10.3. Link
Forward New plugin, developed from Vacation code, which lets users specify multiple e-mail addresses to which incoming e-mail will be forwarded, using the CLI utility mail, provided in Plesk 10.3. Link

All developments assume that Roundcube is running on the same server as Plesk, and require execute permissions over CLI utilites for user running Apache. The advantage of call natively Plesk through his CLI is that changes made in the panel are shown in the webmail, and vice versa, in addition to being included in the Plesk backup.

Update 23/12/2011: Changed link for Vacation message to GitHub repository, where latest version should be found, with contributions from other authors.